Are Pistol Red Dots Worth It?

by Steve Coffman, last updated on

Today’s world can be marked as the golden world of firearms, where all the importance is paid to handguns. We have never witnessed such a time where there is a wide selection of handguns or pistols proving such remarkable performance and consistency at modest prices.

Red Dots are specially designed optics for quick and receptive target acquisition. Many professional shooters have been mounting red dot sights to their pistols. If you wish to enhance your shooting skills, then a red dot sight may help as it allows you to focus on your target, help you withstand a fair amount of force, and then apply it on the target.

Do you know we call them red dot sights and not scopes? This is because they are 1x optics and do not feature magnification. Unlike what they used to be earlier, red dot sights are packed with technology and smaller in size in today’s time. 

Coming to are pistol red dots worth it; they are the tiniest of red dot sights. They can be used for both pistols and as backup sights for standard rifle optics.

Now, let us discuss why is a red dot sight very much appropriate for both beginners and aged shooters. And why red dots mounted on handguns are worth it?

Advantages of a Red Dot Sight

  • It helps young officers as they do not know about the shooting techniques like the experienced seniors. They know that to put the red illuminated reticle on their respective target and press the trigger. This is a unique advantage.
  • Say you are an aged shooter; you have lost your precision over the targets and firing speed. However, if you wish to revive your shooting accuracy, you must start practicing with red dot optics.
  • Another advantage of red dot sight is; it acts as a great marksmanship trainer itself. It will let you know if you have an unsteady and imperfect trigger press.

Are Red Dots for A Pistol Really Worth It? 

If you really want to know if investing in a red dot optic for a pistol is worth it, I’d say yes. Pistols with equipped optics provide a significant increment in speed and precision. 

The main problem most shooters face with mounting red dot sights on pistols is that it is extremely complicated to correct the orientation of the gun and the optics. If in case it is not done correctly, you may lose the red dot, which makes it useless. 

These are the single-focal sights that help in remaining fixed on the target—allowing a far better view and awareness of the object. Aged-eye shooters will experience a great sense of ease in employing optical sights. All these attributes enhance capabilities compared to pistols having an iron sight.