Why are Red Dots So Expensive?

by Steve Coffman, last updated on

Before jumping off directly to the topic, let us understand the mechanics of a red dot optic. In simpler words, red dot optic is a mechanism that gives you a holographic bull’s eye. And this is done by a LED reflecting off a glass angled in a certain degree which creates a bright and focused red illuminated reticle at the point you are aiming. 

Do you know why red dot sights are considered to be best for shooters? This is because of its accuracy in hitting a target. Yes, of course, it depends on the rifle you are using, but you will notice an increment in overall accuracy when you equip an optic.  

Yes, red dots are pretty expensive, and it is because of some pretty valid reasons. This article explores and highlights the prime reasons affecting the price of red dot optics. 

The Prime Reasons Affecting the Price of Red Dot Optics

The Angled Glass

The glass used in making the red dot optics provides greater clarity, a precise reflection, and high durability. 

And you see, not all glass will be in equal terms in an aspect of quality. You know it is a high-quality glass when you see it as scratch resilient and have marginal distortion. And the sight view you get to see through it is almost like real life. 


You know it is durable when you see it withstand the tremendous force exerted by the rifle or pistol when fired. And, you need to pay extra attention to the materials it is crafted with. This is where the poor-quality red dots fail to perform and are more likely to fall apart. 

Always look for a metal red dot frame that can endure the push back when you fire around. Moreover, waterproof housing is a must. This is extremely important because, without weather protection, the red dot will fail to provide clear and accurate vision due to moisture accumulation.

Most often, with your experience, the requirement for better red dot sights also evolves. So, it’s better to go for a good red dot sight instead of the low-priced ones, which are not built to last.


The very 3rd factor which significantly affects the price tag of the optic is the battery life. And the importance of the battery is affected by the battery’s capacity and will eventually come down to the usage of the battery. 

Now suppose you have to buy one red dot optic, but you want to save money at the same time, the let me tell you that, these models use batteries which are readily available. 


From the above statements mentioned above, it is clear that the red dot optic price depends on durability, the quality of the glass, and the battery. There is one more quality that often gets unnoticed because it is attached to firearms, which helps the shooter get a clear aim, and the red illuminated reticle acts as a definite target. The design of these optics makes it ideal for many shooters, as it provides easiness in targeting your object and aiming.